While we wouldn’t dream of using paraffin wax, since it’s a bi-product of petroleum hydrogenated, and our now concern with the large deforestation with production of soy and palm waxes. We have found a more sustainable, all-natural alternative…coconut wax.


Coconut wax is made from cold-pressed coconut meat, just like coconut oil. Coconut wax is a creamy white color and burns even longer and cleaner than soy wax. It also is argued to be more natural than soy because it's organic and more eco-friendly to harvest. It burns cooler so it lasts longer, and it can hold a higher fragrance concentration than soy. It also improves the cold and hot throw of soy candles.


Coconuts have been used in natural beauty rituals for ages. The fatty acids in coconut oil makes your skin glow, hydrated and smooth, with natural acids like lauric, capric, and caprylic. Not to mention antioxidants and rich in vitamin E.



Our founder and creative director, Juan Chavarria was living in Brooklyn Heights on Clark St. while studying in college, as he walked down to Dumbo, Brooklyn and had an idea of making more naturally sourced candles while at a book store filled with paraffin wax candles. It took some time to figure out mixing and sources, to come up with the more sustainable and all natural alternative Clark & Dumbo candle.



All our products are made in sunny San Diego, California, with carefully sourced materials. We have sourced suppliers from the most ethically highest quality sources.